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Below is a list of our scheduled classes. If you don't see a class that fits your schedule or interest, please let us know by sending a request at Please include your contact information and the type of class you'd like. When we receive enough requests (usually 4 people), we will coordinate among the potential students to find a suitable timeslot.

Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving Workshop I
Knitters, spinners, and aspiring weavers, you can weave a scarf in a day! We will wind and weave a scarf using a mixture of yarns. We will also discuss finishing techniques as well as ways to make the rigid heddle loom a versatile loom. All experience levels and ages are welcome. Bring a lunch. Loom rental is included.

Introduction to Weaving I Workshop (W1W)
In this playful one-day class you will learn the mechanics of weaving by winding a warp, threading a four-harness floor loom, weaving from a pattern draft, and finishing a scarf. This class can be used as an introduction to weaving or a warp refresher. Additionally, this class can be used as a prerequisite for a Walnut Creek Continuing Weaving class. Yarn and loom rental are included.

Warp to Weave (W2W)
The foremost goal is for the student to become familiar and comfortable with warping the loom and the medium of weaving. Using Lou's speed warping technique, each student will warp and weave a sampler or a project. You will learn how to calculate your warp and weft yardage, dress and warp your loom, and read pattern drafts. You will begin to understand how color, texture, design, and weave structure relate to each other. The class will include information on finishing your cloth and a loom lecture. Intermediate student are welcome to come for a warping refresher and to work on their next weaving step. Yarn and loom rental are included for beginners. Returning student can purchase yarn and rent looms in class or bring their own.

Continuing Weaving Workshop (W3W)
This class is for those of you who have already taken a weaving class, workshop, or have woven on your own and feel comfortable warping a loom. If you would like more certainty in planning your next project, want to review and streamline your warping process, or try out new ideas, this class is designed for you. You will weave samples to test out your ideas, practice draft reading and designing, work with colors and patterns, and explore different sets. Students will create samples 3-5 inches in length. Loom rental and yarn are not included in the class fee, however an individual pre-class phone consultation about your project is included.

Studio Weaving   NEW
An ongoing weekly 3-hour group class tailored to your own skill level. Contact Lou for more information.

Spinning – Wheel/Spindle
This comprehensive class will take you from fleece to yarn, using both the drop spindle and the spinning wheel. Learn about scouring, roving, carders, and flickers. You will explore long draw, short draw, worsted and woolen techniques. Beginning and continuing students are welcome. Bring your own wheel or rent one from the instructor. If you have a spindle, bring it. If not, you can buy or borrow one for the class. Raw wool and roving will be provided. A $15 material fee is payable in class.

Spinners' Night Out
Spinners' Night Out is held the first Thursday of every month from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Bring your wheel or drop spindle and join other spinners for a free monthly gathering. While you are in the neighborhood, you can also experience Grand Avenue First Thursday, featuring art shows, and restaurants specials.

Private Lesson
San Francisco Fiber offers individual private lessons by appointment. Lessons are taught by Lou Grantham and other local teachers. Lessons can include, but are not limited to, weaving, spinning, rigid heddle, basketry, tapestry, dyeing, and project planning. We work with students of all ages and skill levels.

We are happy to schedule lessons, loom set-up support, or loom repair at either our studio or at your personal location. Rates are currently $40 an hour plus any travel expenses.

Phone   510-99LOOMS (510-995-6667)


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